Saturday, September 5, 2015

Chess Board Color Schemes

If you are new to, well, me, you may not know that I'm quite passionate about chess board aesthetics.  In an earlier post I detailed how I made my own board with colors I chose because the combination of blue and gray on a chess board is the most pleasing to me.  I have a particular set of preferences for light square/dark square combinations.  I suspect most people do, too, they just may not spend as much time thinking about it as I do.

On other blogging sites, I have posted some of my favorite color schemes for others to use.  It's time for another one of those.  These color schemes are actually not exactly in my wheelhouse, but they are definitely suitable, and I find them attractive.  I'm posting them here so that others can either use them or base their own color combinations off of these ideas.

Dark 112,162,163
Light 177,228,185

Dark 112,102,119
Light 204,183,174

Dark 111,115,210
Light 157,172,255

Dark 187,190,100
Light 234,240,206

Dark 111,143,114
Light 173,189,143

Dark 184,139,74
Light 227,193,111


  1. Thanks. Most useful as I am making my own.

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  3. I've used your Wheat color scheme to print a tournament-size (2.25-inch-sided squares) chess board on an A1-size sheet of 140 gsm Tyvek. I drew the artwork from scratch in CorelDRAW, and then took a PDF file to my local print shop. I've been looking for an excuse to print on Tyvek. Interesting material.

    Thanks for the color scheme. It looks good! I'd attach a photo, but I don't know how to do that in these comments, or even if it's possible.

    I've been Googling for the standard green that I've seen on chess mats for sale online; that is, if there is such a standard color. Do you know the PMS/RGB/CMYK specs for that color? I could "scrape" the color from photos on the web, but that's not ideal.